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What is lanolin

What is Lanolin?

Just what is lanolin? You’ve probably heard about lanolin cream and its amazing benefits and have probably wondered what lanolin is. Lanolin is basically fat or grease derived from sweat glands of wool.  This certain sort of grease can only be found in animals that grow wool like the sheep, for an instance. It is an incredible moisturizer on its own and provides the flawlessness and luster that often comes with healthy and youthful skin. This oil exists naturally such as those found in the human body and has been used for various purposes since the beginning of its history but its use for body care is simply the most notable of its many uses.

You might ask, “What is lanolin? What is so special about lanolin?” Lanolin has fatty acids that protect the skin from harmful free radicals while providing hydration that doesn’t come with that irritating stick feeling you often get from other moisturizers and skin care products. Its efficacy in hydration and miniaturization goes further when combined with vitamin E which allows it to penetrate deeper into our cells. Being a fatty alcohol, it also adds to the power of various skin care products like many soothing creams, moisturizers, hair care products, lip balms, and soaps.

As mentioned a while back, lanolin is derived from sheep wool so it is completely natural and hypoallergenic which means you don’t have to worry about getting skin irritations after using it. For decades and centuries past, lanolin has been the choice against skin dryness and aging. On its own, lanolin cream has great moisturizing properties that deliver moisture deep down your skin, keeping it healthy even with intense exposure to sunlight, pollution and other factors. It protects skin from damage often caused by the climate and environment by storing and maintaining excellent moisture levels. Lanolin is among the ingredients that have been documented by research to be effective against skin aging, which also includes substances such as retinol, tocopheryl acetate and emu oil. Lotions enriched with lanolin moisturize the skin deep down to the individual cells by forming a non-sticky layer of oil above the skin which prevents the loss of moisture which can lead to dryness. With this, lanolin provides your skin a naturally radiant and moisturized look and feel. Indeed, the moisturizing prowess of lanolin is so high that it is also used for industrial purposes such as serving as a coat to protect your car paint from damages for years and years while guarding your interiors from stains and spills that can ruin it permanently.  Can you just imagine the sensational benefits that lanolin has for your skin?

What is lanolin besides being just a good moisturizer? Because of its high moisturizing power, lanolin has been recognized as a home remedy for many different skin problems. For an instance, lanolin is a natural remedy for dry nipples. Breastfeeding can cause dry or cracked nipples and applying lanolin cream will ease you of your pains. It has also been proven to relieve the symptoms of eczema such as itchiness and dryness without chemicals that can irritate the skin. The deep penetrating moisture provided by lanolin eliminates foot corn and other unwanted skin patches. Lanolin cream is also baby-friendly since it can help soothe the pain babies suffer from when they have diaper rash as well as reducing that redness and itchiness that comes with it.

In spite of it being around for several years already and all of its skin moisturizing and anti-aging benefits as well as its use for home remedies, the reputation of lanolin has been somehow tarnished because of countries deriving the product from sheep wool bombarded with pesticides and other chemicals. For this reason, some might experience skin allergies and irritations after applying certain brands of lanolin cream.   As such, it is important that you look for a lanolin cream that moisturizes your skin without feeding it harmful chemicals and substances.

Australian Skin Cream offers lanolin cream and other topical products that have passed strict guidelines and pesticide free. What is more, Australia is among the few countries that guarantee pesticide-free lanolin products that have been dermatologically formulated to rejuvenate your skin and restore that youthful glow you clamor for. Its sheep are farm-bred so you are ensured quality grade lanolin. Australian Skin Cream’s special formula comes with Vitamin E which really adds to the many advantages that come with using lanolin cream. With all these great benefits that Australia Skin Cream’s lanolin products have to offer, who wouldn’t want to stock up and slather generous amounts of it on their skin? Don’t be left behind and get the soft and young-looking skin you’ve always wanted!


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